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OEM RFID-SIM Campus Card with SIM slot

Item:RFID-SIM Campus Card


Chip:Icode II(custom)



Reading range:10-100cm(based on reader)

SIM slot:standard size

Product introduction
OEM RFID-SIM Campus Card with SIM slot

Technical Parameters:

Card  ModelRFID-SIM campus Card  JLK008

86 * 54MM  

 Card Material   PVC
 PrintingHD color printing (customers provide pictures or source documents CDR, PS, AI, etc.)
Packaging technologyUltrasonic

7g / sheets 

Packing100pcs / box
Operating frequency 13.56MHZ
Operating temperature  -20 ºC ~ 50 ºC (temperature 90%)
Communication protocolISO15693
Communication speed 106KBPS

Card Feature:
SIM card and campus card is a popular point is that students have a school issued SIM campus card, you can in the school system for identification, consumption, recharge, attendance, check and other functions. With the traditional smart IC card function, the only difference is that more SIM card, this SIM card is mostly used for schools, mobile, telecommunications and other operators for the school specifically customized SIM card, the school can be real-time control through the system terminal student trends , SIM card with positioning, call, SMS, help and some other value-added features, real-time protection of students safe, easy to school management.

Specification of RFID chip

1- 125KHZ LF RFID chip

Production Description:
LF rfid chip (125khz low frequency rfid chip) is widely used RFID technology.The chip we embed is original from original chip company.
Each of LF rfid chip have a unique seiral number.It is great solution for access control, time attendance system which do not require very high security level.
it's integrated circuit (IC) and antenna.
Data is transferred via this antenna.

Specifications of LF RFID chip

Chip tpeMemory sizeFrequencyProtocolReadable/WritableContact/contactless
TK410064 bits125KHZISO11784/85Read onlycontactless
EM420064 bits125KHZISO11784/85Read onlycontactless
EM4305512 bits125KHZISO11784/85R/Wcontactless
EM44501K bits125KHZ
T5577363 bits125KHZ

2- 13.56 MHZ HF RFID chip

Production Description:
HF rfid chip (13.56mhz high frequency rfid chip) is widely used RFID technology. The chip we embed is original from original chip company.

Each of HF rfid chip have a unique seiral number. It is great solution for access control, Public transportation, Electronic toll collection, Loyalty cards, Event ticketing, Car parking, Electronic ticketing in public transport, Road tolling, Airline tickets, Home automation and appliances, Consumer electronics, Healthcare, Printers, Smart meters, Library and rental services, Healthcare, Ski ticketing, Asset management and smart shelf solutions, Factory automation etc.
it's integrated circuit (IC) and antenna.
Data is transferred via this antenna.

Specifications of HF RFID chip

Chip typeMemory sizeFrequencyProtocolReadable/WritableContact/contactless
MIFARE Ultralight64 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE Ultralight C192 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Ntag 203168 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Ntag 21080 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Ntag 213180 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Ntag 215540 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Ntag 216924 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
Topaz 512512 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MF1 S501024 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
F081024 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
ISSI 144391024 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
TKS501024 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MF1 S704096 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
FM11 RF324096 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
ISSI 144694096 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE DESFIRE EV1 2K2 K13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE DESFIRE EV1 4K4 K13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE DESFIRE EV1 8K8 K13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE PLUS S2K2048 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
MIFARE PLUS S4K4096 bytes13.56 MHZISO1443AR/WContactless
ICODE SLI1K13.56 MHZISO15693R/WContactless
ICODE SLI-S2K13.56 MHZISO15693R/WContactless
ICODE SLI-X1K13.56 MHZISO15693R/WContactless
T12 K2K13.56 MHZISO15693R/WContactless
TAG IT2 K13.56 MHZISO15693R/WContactless

3- 860-960 MHZ UHF RFID chip

Production Description:
UHF rfid chip (860-960mhz ultra high frequency rfid chip) is widely used RFID technology. The chip we embed is original from original chip company.

Each of HF rfid chip have a unique seiral number. It is great solution for Supply Chain Management, Distribution Logistics, Product Authentication, Asset Inventory and Tracking, Baggage Handling and Tracking, Item Level Tagging, Consumer electronics, Fashion retail, FMCG, Supply chain management, Asset management etc.
it's integrated circuit (IC) and antenna.
Data is transferred via this antenna.

Specifications of UHF RFID chip

Chip typeMemory sizeFrequencyProtocolReadble/writableContact/contactless
Alien Higgs 3512 bits860-960MHZISO18000-6CR/WContactless
Impinj Monza 4512 bits860-960MHZISO18000-6CR/WContactless
UCODE G2XM512 bits860-960MHZISO18000-6CR/WContactless
UCODE G2XL512 bits860-960MHZISO18000-6CR/WContactless
EPC96 bytes860-960MHZISO18000-6CR/WContactless

Campus access control, canteen consumption, telephone card, campus library
The current campus IC card is mainly non-contact ic card and contact ic card, provided by the campus IC card chips are: F08, S50, S70, 1-CODE-11 IC + ID composite chip;
Campus IC card layout can be made into a variety of types of technology: color printing, laser code, Penma and other technology.

Our company:

SHENZHEN KONGLAM RFIDTECH CO.,LTD, founded in June 2009, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in development, production and sale of smart cards, RFID wristbands and Labels.
KONGLAM deals in RFID wristbands series, RFID Labels series and smart card series etc. mainly and therefore customer requirement oriented production and customized non-standard product manufacturing are allowed. Our chips for product application are supplied to many famous semi-conductor manufacturers in the world, including NXP founded by Phil ips, EM, TI, ST, IMPINJ, ATMEL, INSIDE of France, JEWEL of the UK as well as Fudan Microelectronics and Huahong Integrated Circuit etc. of our country. Our products can be widely used in security, all-in-one-card for door access, medical treatment, exhibition, tourism, entertainment, food traceability, assets management, storage logistics etc.
KONGLAM is specializ ed and deals in new product research development and manufacturing process thanks to the rich experience in RFID management. We have a perfect after-sales service system --- the one-to-one service mode is provided, ensuring the quickest response to customer, treatment for customer feedback and considerate before- in- after-sales services.
KONGLAM, relying on our accurate market positioning and continuously innovative business strategies, can provide the highest cost performance products in the world. Our products exported to the Europe and America have won golden opinions and supports in the industry.
We will always be wholeheartedly in providing the first-rate services for customers, system integration dealers and agents in the world with our consistent principle of "Good Faith, Excellent, and Innovation".

Sincere cooperation and win-win outstanding achievements are always expected!


1.What about the payment?
   T/T and West Union
2.What about the shipping?
   Fast way: By DHL,FedEx,UPS,TNT,EMS,(5-7days)

   By Air:3-5 days

   Cheap way:By sea/By post(20-40days)

3.Are you a trading company or factory?
  We are the manufacturer of RFID cards in China, and have more than 10 years experience.
 We supply products to many World Brand Companies ;

4.How do you control the quality?
   We have strict QC system to make sure the quality of our RFID Label related products,get CE certification;

5.How about your service?
   All-around ON TIME service ---- We are always willing to work late to meet your urgent needs;

6.Where is your company located? How can I visit there?
  Our company is located in Shenzhen, China. Contact us ASAP. 


carton dimension:50X24X14cm

QTY:1000 Pcs/carton

N.W:9.4 KG

G.W:10 KG

+86 755-29076610